Will Destroying a Flag Solve Our Problems?

The shooting which took place in Charleston, South Carolina at the Emanuel AME Church is a tragedy beyond comprehension.  Could someone be so deceived as to believe that assassinating a group of God fearing believers would solve his problem and the problems of our country?  This young man posted pictures of himself with the Confederate flag and now politicians across the South and some businesses are wanting the Confederate Flag destroyed, never to be shown again in our country.  Why?  Because some think it is offensive to some people of color.

A flag does not kill people. nor does a gun by itself kill people.  People kill people.  Destroying the Confederate Flag will not save one life, nor will trying to do away with the Gadsden Flag keep people from speaking out against what they believe to be the government’s over reach against the people.  The Revolutionary War is over 200 years in our past and the Civil War is 150 years in our past.  Those flags represent different things to the people who embrace them, but these flags do not kill people.

If we choose to destroy the Confederate Flag because it might be offensive to some people and the Gadsden Flag because it is offensive to politicians , then those who object to the Red, White and Blue as being offensive to them will have a precedent upon which to seek Old Glory’s destruction.  There are already those who are seeking the American Flag’s removal from schools and colleges because it offends some of the students.  The destruction of the Confederate Flag and the Gadsden Flag will only provide those who want to get rid of Old Glory with the precedent they need.

I grew up when you pledged allegiance to the Flag at the beginning of the school day, when you could get ‘cut’ from the baseball team if you were not good enough, when you had to play in so many quarters to get a football letter and when only the MVP got a trophy.  No one cared if you were offended for not getting a trophy.  You were told if you wanted a trophy, get better.

Life is not fair and trying to make it fair is only harmful to people who do not have to overcome the fact that they may have to tolerate people who are not on the same page as they are.  Many of those crying out for tolerance to their lifestyle and their actions, have no tolerance for those who may object to their actions or lifestyles.  I live in the United States and am proud of that and of our flag but there are those who have come to our country who want to complain about our anthem, our flag and our religion. It offends me that they want my country to change for them.  If they wanted their county’s flag, anthem, religion and life style, then they should have stayed in their own country or decided that they were going to assimilate into ours.

The worst thing that is happening to our county is ‘Political Correctness’. We trample the rights of a majority of the people of our country because people refuse the rights we are granted here—-to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  People object to other people’s jewelry, clothes, reading material and conversation.  A cross necklace causes some atheists to break out in a rash as they complain to the boss to force the Christian to remove the cross. Our country is a place where all are given the right to live as they please as long as it doesn’t break the law.

When is the last time an atheist was killed by a cross necklace?  Probably the last time a Confederate Flag killed a person of color. Removal of objects that cause some people to be offended will not change people’s hearts.  Only Jesus Christ can change a person’s heart and when that heart is changed, then Jesus’ command can be made effective “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” John 13:34.  Love or hate in a person’s heart is not caused by objects.  Unless the unregenerated heart allows Jesus to enter in, it will never be able to love another regardless of color or sexual preference.

As demands are made to remove flags, statues, memorials and crosses, we must remember that their removal changes no person’s heart.  Their removal will not make the person who got it removed feel any closer to the person who wanted to keep it, and vice versa.  It’s not the object that causes the problem with people, its the heart and until people turn to Jesus, hearts will never change.

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