Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Ever since the death of Michael Brown a year ago, public displays of ‘Black Lives Matter’ have disrupted restaurants, public gatherings, graduation ceremonies, public speeches, political rallies, etc. in an effort to make the public aware of the deaths of many young black men and the effect on our community.  I commend those who want to raise the awareness of the death of young black men in an effort to make the public knowledgeable of the disproportionate number of black deaths by law enforcement groups.

However, if black lives truly matter, why is there no outcry when 31,328 black babies are aborted in New York City alone?  (2012 statistics) Where is the public protest? Are only the lives of teenage and early 20s black men of value?  What about the black babies that never have a chance to experience life beyond the womb?  Are they of no value?  They could be the next Condoleezza Rice, the next Michael Jordan,  the next Vanessa Williams, the next Clarence Thomas, the next Ella Fitzgerald, or the next J. C. Watts if they were only allowed to see the  light of day.  They could be assets to the black community and the nation at large.

Many mourn the loss of young black men who in many instances have been involved in criminal conduct but those mourners never shed a tear for those who are never given a opportunity to elevate the black community. If Black Lives Matter, let’s make All Black Lives Matter.  A Black life in the womb should matter just as much as a Black life outside the Womb.  Otherwise, those who say Black Lives Matter are saying only some Black Lives Matter.

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