Cry for Cecil, Ignore Dismembering of Babies

Can you believe the public outcry over the death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.  The dentist who shot the beloved lion has had to close his practice, go into hiding because of death threats and could face extradition to Zimbabwe.  Even Jimmy Kimmel was crying over the death of Cecil.

Yet, crickets, when the release of videos of Planned Parenthood executives describing how to kill the babies in the womb in a way that allows them to harvest certain body organs.  Once the baby is dead then the organs can be sold (ie. $35.00 for a liver).  Jimmy Kimmel could not even work up a sniffle.

What country are we living in?  Maybe this is Wonderland rather than America.  Have we fallen down a rabbit hole into a new world?  The death and dismemberment of human babies in the United States gets a yawn but the death of a lion in Zimbabwe gets tears on nationwide television and death threats for the shooter.  Even the US Fish and Wildlife Service is going to investigate to death of Cecil but, even those federal law prohibits the sale of body parts, we hear nothing from the Justice Department about investigating Planned Parenthood. If there was something upside down, this is it.  Have we as a nation become so numb to the death of babies, that the macabre dismemberment of those helpless babies cannot evoke any outcry?  God forbid.

It is time for us to knock the scales off our eyes and gouge out the earwax from our ears.  We need to stand up to this demonic organization called Planned Parenthood and get them out of the abortion and organ harvesting business.  It is time to contact our federal and state legislators and express our revulsion and outrage at this conduct.  We need to demand that they de-fund this organization and its demonic activities.

It is time for us to stand up for what is right and to stand against what is wrong.  It is late, but not too late.  Get on God’s side.  If we don’t who will?

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